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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and for Him

by TurkCraf

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If you’ve caught the love bug and need some medication, then we a few gifts that may be tiny but go a long way in spoiling your loved one.

Valentine’s Day is one of the numerous days of the year that draws for jeers and cheers around the world. While there are those who believe that cupid merely points his arrow to drum up sales of chocolates, flowers, romantic gifts and even luxurious getaways, there are others who embrace it with arms wide open. As hopeless romantics, we believe that the day can help those not used to wearing their heart on their sleeves show their true feelings. We help you pick out Valentine’s Day gifts for that special him or her in your life.

For Her

Louis Vuitton Bracelets Idylle Twist

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Forget about a bouquet of flowers or even a single rose this Valentine’s. Go with an everlasting floral dedication with the Idylle Twist bracelet from the luxury French brand. Featuring the iconic Louis Vuitton monogrammed flowers in three variations, it now joins our ever-growing wish list of accessories to have. The monogrammed flowers are seen free, enclosed in a circle or diamond and are available in pink, white or yellow gold. What makes it so special is that the Idylle Twist bracelet is highly flexible and is easy to slip on. We suggest wearing more than one of these to combine the varying shades of gold — why stop at one when these serve as a perfect substitute to a dozen roses?

Maharaja Jewelry Case

MAHARAJA 05-side gift Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and for Him MAHARAJA 05 side 620x290

The most exceptional pieces of jewelry are usually masterpieces of exquisite craftsmanship which are born through the passionate work of talented jewelers. These jewels transcend generations as dear treasures that trigger the most beautiful emotions. So they deserve fitting storage which is as perfect in its craftsmanship, design, and materials as the jewels in themselves. With a wood structure and silver leaf finishing, this royal case lovingly harbors the dearest and most exquisite pieces of jewelry.


Millionaire Jewelry Safe

millionaire-table-top gift Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and for Him millionaire table top 620x490

The small version of Boca do Lobo’s Millionaire Safe is perfect to keep your deepest secrets even more secure. Whatever happens, Millionaire endures it all with the single aim of protecting what you value the most: not only your watches – the luxury safe integrates watch winders – and jewels, but all your deepest treasures, which will be unveiled only by time itself.

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For Him

Dunhill Sentryman Pen

gift gift Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and for Him Sentryman pens dunhill 600x500

Writing instruments have long been an accessory reserved for gentlemen and Dunhill has checked all the boxes with the new Sentryman Pen additions. Only 15 of these limited edition creations have been made so it would be wise to get your hands on them while you still can. Numbered and fitted with a London assay mark that can be found engraved at the base of the cap, the pen carries all the hallmarks of Dunhill’s refined style. The Guilloche top adds to the look of the pen along with the Grade 1, 0.06-carat crown cut diamond on the top of the lid. The pens come in Navy Resin and pink gold-plating and well as Barley Navy resin in Ballpoint or Rollerball.


Cloud Watchwinder

gift gift Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and for Him cloud 620x513

This unique watch winder reflects fascinating design handcrafted to become an object of desire. The fine mechanisms of valuable automatic watches require movement and relaxation. Cloud watch winder controls this rhythm in a perfect way in order to give the watch it harbors a longer life. With a design inspired by Newton’s Law of attraction, this watch winder is a statement art piece.


Symphony Cigar Humidor

  gift gift Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and for Him symphony cigar 620x764

Among a gentleman’s most valuable possessions there is always a special place for his finest cigars. Symphony humidor is the perfect place to keep them, providing constant humidity to store cigars in the best conditions. The air inside the case is kept moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist as well. Symphony is lined in brass pipes because it is always a pleasant experience to smoke a fine cigar while enjoying good music.


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