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The Best 2015 Super Bowl Adverts

by TurkCraf

Another Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and along with some superb plays and a Patriots win, it is one of the rare occasions where this massive sport event’s viewers are actually more than glad to sight tight and get bombarded with quality advertisements.

Although here at Boca do Lobo we’d very much like to pick each video apart and analyse it like a high-school biology laboratory experiment, we have instead selected a hand full of commercials which we found smart, touching or simply hilarious.  Read on for the selection, as well as the full list of commercials aired during yesterday’s Super Bowl.

Winner 1 – Budweiser

Winner 2 – Snickers

Winner 3 – BMW

Winner 4 – Doritos

Winner 5 – Mophie

Honourable Mention 1 – Loctite

Honourable Mention 2 – Avocado from Mexico


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