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Spend a luxurious vacation in a celebrity’s home

by TurkCraf

At Boca do Lobo blog we have given you some incredible suggestions on how and where to spend your deserved vacations! We showed you some luxurious and exclusive hotels, like the Royal Monceau, in Paris and the very new Hard Rock Hotel, in Ibiza, we present you a trendy, luxurious and not so expensive hotel (citizen M hotel) and we suggest some incredible places you must visit before they get famous!

Speaking in famous…have you ever wondered how would be to spend an unforgettable vacation in a celebrity’s home?  Is that a experience you would want?

Richard Branson's Ne ker Island  Spend a luxurious vacation in a celebrity’s home necker island places beyond 1
Richard Branson’s Necker Island

If you’re one of those persons that would love to spend some time in a luxurious home owned by an A-list celebrity you now have the opportunity to do just that. Some of the most known celebrities in the world are renting their striking and beautiful houses, so that a few lucky persons can have  an unique summer experience.

Today were going to share with you some celebrity’s homes that you can rent this summer! It’s not everyday that you can say “I spent a few day at Sir Richard Branson home”, for example! So take a look and tell us in which one of these celebrity homes you would spend your vacations!

Richard Branson’s Necker Island

British Virgin Islands

For $35,000 (a night) you would be in charge of Mr Branson’s island. This is a place that’s used to receive big celebrities. Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg are among the high profile people that had the opportunity to spend some time on Necker Island.

Take a look at this incredible video! You will see astonishing images of Necker Island and the whole story behind it, told by Sir Richard Branson himself!

 Mick Jagger’s Villa Mustique


Nobody said it would be incredibly easy to rent one of these celebrity’s paradises. To have the privilege to spend some time at Mick Jagger’s Villa Mustique you have to pass very detailed rent test! Once you have passed it with flying colours you will enjoy a stunning villa!

Spend your summer vacations at a celebrity's home  Spend a luxurious vacation in a celebrity’s home P1330847
Villa Mustique

 Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s Barra da Tijuca’s home

Rio de Janeiro

Do you love football (or soccer for our american friends)? Then you can’t pass the opportunity to be at Ronaldinho’s home. This is a very incredible and suitable place to watch the 2014 World Cup! It wouldn’t be bad to say to your friends ” I’m watching the game at Ronaldinho’s home”

You can rent this home for $15,000 a night.You’ll get a swimming pool, extensive gardens, a children’s playhouse and a stage for music concerts. Not bad!

Spend your summer vacations at a celebrity's home  Spend a luxurious vacation in a celebrity’s home 20110212091613 d91ca
Ronaldinho’s home |Rio de Janeiro

Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye Resort


It’s impossible not wanting to spend some time at the villa of the creator of James Bond. It’s impossible. For a classic stay you will have to pay a lot: $80,000. Yes, that’s correct. But we can’t think of a better place to drink a Martini!

Spend your summer vacations at a celebrity's home  Spend a luxurious vacation in a celebrity’s home Ian Fleming VIlla via Goldeneye
Goldeneye | Ian Fleming’s villa

So what do you think of these exclusive locations for your summer vacations? Tell us what do you think and if you would want to spend some time at a celebrity’s home!

Boca do Lobo will continue to show you the best designs in the world and the exclusive side of life

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