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See real life as an Instagram photo

by TurkCraf

Instagram. Everybody uses it and almost every single person loves it. Boca do Lobo has, of course, an Instagram. profile (that you can follow HERE ) and we certainly love to show you our latest designs in this outstanding social network.

But, a group of designers has had the idea to take Instagram into the real life! How? They “simply” developed a range of sunglasses that let you see the world through a stylish filter.

This is the new way to see real life as a beautiful photo.

Take a look at the “Tens sunglasses” – the real life photo filter!

Tens ~ #TheRealLifePhotoFilter from Tom Welsh on Vimeo.

The concept seems quite simple but it took 3 years to come up with the design. The team behind the Tens sunglasses had the vision to create a product that allows us to “skip the cameras and computers altogether” to “filter everything that we see whilst disconnected from technology”.

The lenses have the same effect of an Instagram filter: enhancing the light to give more color and dynamic to what you can see. According to co-founder Marty Bell, “tens work with the warmth of the sun to lend an uplifting tint to the world beyond the lens.‘.

Tens are available in a unisex model and you can choose from 4 colors.

"See real life as an Instagram photo"  See real life as an Instagram photo tens sunglasses photo filter designboom02See real life as an Instagram photo

As a pair of sunglasses you have to expect that they are safe. And the Tens meet all the requirements. The custom tint lenses feature UV400 protection that blocks 100% of harmful rays. The lenses are also scratch and impact resistant.

If you like start the summer with the latest trendy accessory you must take a look at the Tens sunglasses. There is a lot of buzz around them!

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