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Ray-Ban And Oakley To Give Google Glass A Makeover

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Google Glass is going mainstream with help from the designer firm behind Ray-Ban and Oakley.

In their bid to turn Glass into a stylish product that appeals to a wider consumer audience, Google has partnered with Italian eyewear maker Luxottica who will be giving the internet connected headwear a well-needed makeover and launching an exclusive collection of their frames incorporating the technology, which so far has only been available as an expensive prototype in the U.S.

Titanium collection by Google Glass  Ray-Ban And Oakley To Give Google Glass A Makeover google glass new frames official 635
Titanium collection by Google Glass

Google Glass  comprises a pair of spectacles frames with a thumbnail-sized screen attached. Wearers can connect to the internet, access email and take hands free pictures and videos with the integrated camera.

It’s not the first time that Google has attempted to attract interest beyond it’s more tech-orientated audience. Back in January, the internet giant announced the launch of the “Titanium collection”, comprising versions of the headset available in prescription glasses and sunglasses. It was rumored that the company was working on designer frames with eyewear startup Warby Parker however, it turned out that Google had designed the frames itself.

By partnering with Luxottica, it would appear that Google is attempting to secure a better future for its wearable computers.

Detail of Google Glass  Ray-Ban And Oakley To Give Google Glass A Makeover glass titanium 2
Detail of Google Glass

The new more fashionable versions of Google Glass are expected to hit the U.S market in 2015. However, despite the hip new look, it may still be difficult to convince people to buy one. According to Google’s website, they can currently be bought for $1,500. If they expect the brand to take off, Google Glass would have to be put on sale for a much lower price.

At least for distribution help, Google will be able to rely on Luxottica. In 2012, it led the U.S eyewear market with a 12.4% share. In addition, the brand controls more than 5,000 LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut retail stores nationwide.

the styles of Google Glass  Ray-Ban And Oakley To Give Google Glass A Makeover Google Glass Shades Active
the styles of Google Glass

Finally, also onboard to help launch their consumer version of Glass is VSP, the largest optical insurer in the United States.  They will provide subsidized frames, prescriptions lenses and specially-trained optometrists in their 30,000 stores across the U.S.

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