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One Night Abroad: Reykjavik

by TurkCraf

We’ve been challenged by our friends over at Smartling to be a part of what they are calling the One Night Abroad project. For those of you that don’t know Smartling is a software company that developed a simple and easy way of translating websites, mobile apps and documents on the fly, something that would really helps on this fashionable walk across Reykjavik.Reykjavik  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik 443308704 5fe24f8d53

Iceland is still regarded as a kind of mystical land where norse fantasy runs wild, but it also has that beautiful blend of nature and technology making it a unique fusion of past and future.

What to wear?

Don’t let the weather fool you, the colors can be incredibly bright under the contrast of the mostly grey sky, nature-wise and fashion-wise, so don’t be shy when flaunting those coats and be creative with those required layers.

Ilsa  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik IMG 8175
Olga  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik Olga

Ragnar  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik Ragnar

Raxel  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik Raxel

What to explore?

Don’t be fooled by the laid back and relaxed attitude, Icelanders are method workers and method partiers, that is why when the moment comes to have fun Reykjavik offers one of the best nights out in whole Europe. The main street (Laugavegur) has over 50 bars and the streets leading to it might not let you get there, see it for yourself.

party 2  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik party 2 party 3  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik party 3 party1  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik party1

What to eat?

Unfortunately, in 2009, Iceland suffered on of the biggest bankruptcies in recorded history and Icelanders could no longer import expensive food products from the rest of the world, luckily for our selfish gastronomical tastes this has started somewhat of a food renaissance with ingredients raised in a virtually pollution-free environment. Where else can you find fermented shark and pickled lamb brain, although not everywhere, only in Iceland. Here’s a visual taste of what to expect from places like the Kaloportid Flea Market, the Reykjavik Roasters and Slippbarrin at the Marina Hotel.

food1  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik food1 food2  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik food2 food3  One Night Abroad: Reykjavik food3

How to communicate? 

It’s really simple, if you are not familiar with Icelandic everyone will be more than willing to communicate in english and actually a very good one. All language barriers have been crossed, we’ve reached an age where technology and education have brought together different cultures from various points of the world, proof of that is the reason we’ve made this post, softwares like Smartling have made this a truly global community, so when visiting Reykjavik you should only worry with enjoying the place.


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