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Lifestyle – Z Boat by Zaha Hadid

by TurkCraf

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The renowned Iraqui architect Zaha Hadid has been commissioned by London-based art dealer and writer Kenny Schachter to design a limited edition speedboat for his own personal use.

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The 8-meter-long “Z Boat” will be manufactured by the French Shoreteam, who will produce just 12 of them to go on sale in early 2013. Zaha Hadid has previously conceived “Z-car” for Schafter. The two-seater automobile made from carbon fibre features a three-wheel base to reduce parking space, and is hydrogen powered with zero-emissions. The vehicle was later developed into the “Z-car II”, a compact four seater, four-wheeler lithium-ion battery alternative.

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Zaha Hadid is best known for her distinctive, jaw-droppingly innovative and futuristic designs of buildings like Rosenthal Contemporary Arts, London Aquatics center, besides the artistic furniture and object designs like the Tea & Coffee tower, the Space-Age metallic bar, and the Liquid Glacial table.


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