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Four Seasons Hotel Launches Luxury Around the World Jet Experience

by TurkCraf

Four Seasons, the luxury 5-star hotel chain, is taking to the skies with the launch of the Four Seasons Jet and Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. A customised private jet will be whisking 52 fortunate guests to some of the world’s most exotic locations where they will be staying, of course, in the luxury Four Seasons five-star hotels and resorts.

"Four seasons private jet experience"  Four Seasons Hotel Launches Luxury Around the World Jet Experience  FPO PUN 598 730x365Four Seasons Punta Mita – México

The Four Season’s first fully branded private jet comprises a retrofitted Boeing 757 featuring, not the habitual 233 seats but, 52 individually handcrafted flatbed leather seats in custom-designed interiors for the ultimate luxury travel experience.

Privileged travelers will be able to enjoy in-flight WiFi so they can book spa treatments or organize other leisure activities in the featured destinations, as well as  globally-inspired cuisine and a professional crew including a dedicated on-board concierge.

The Four Seasons Jet will be available to guests for private charter however, as of the beginning of 2015, the luxury airliner will be transporting fortunate travelers on bespoke journeys across the world.

Around-The-World-with-Four-Seasons-by-Private-Jet-1  Four Seasons Hotel Launches Luxury Around the World Jet Experience  Around The World with Four Seasons by Private Jet 1

The following trips are currently available to book:

Around the World, February 2015: Beginning in Los Angeles and concluding in London, it comprises a 24-day trip to 9 of the world’s most exotic destinations including Bora Bora, Hawaii, Sydney, northern Thailand, Bali, Mumbai and Istanbul. Highlights include an only-by-private-jet stop off at the Taj Mahal. This luxury tour will set back guests a staggering $119,000 per person.

Backstage with the Arts, April 2015: This comprises a 16-day trip in April whereby guests will be whisked off to some of the finest museums and theatres across Europe. Milan, Istanbul, Paris, Prague, Lisbon and St. Petersburg feature on the itinerary with one of the trip highlights comprising a private gala in the Pavlovsk Palace outside St. Petersburg. For those interested, the trip costs a whopping  $69,000 per person.

Around the World, August 2015: This 24-day global expedition features a further nine of the world’s top destinations including Seattle, Tokyo, Beijing, the Maldives, the Serengeti, Istanbul, St. Petersbourg and Marrakech. Highlights of the trip comprise a stay in the brand’s very first safari lodge in the Serengeti, as well as a marine biologist led cruise on the pristine waters of the Maldives, and a visit to China’s Forbidden City. This trip will also cost luxury travelers  $119,000.

The price for each tour includes air travel, ground transportation and planned excursions, as well as meals, some drinks and exclusive accommodation in the luxury Four Seasons hotels and resorts. In addition, the in-flight concierge will coordinate with the local Four Season concierges in each destination on the itinerary.

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