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Fifty Shades of Grey could be the sleeper hit of the year

by TurkCraf

One of the most anticipated book adaptations in recent years will hit theaters later this month, it’s surrounded by controversy, some call it raunchy, some even go so far as calling it glorified porn, but the truth is everybody’s talking about it. Of course we’re talking about the new “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, the first ever to be born out of a piece of fan fiction, “Twilight” fan fiction if you can imagine. In recent weeks we’ve had a chance to look at the trailers, get pulled in by the notorious soundtrack and even got a chance to visit some rooms of the mysterious Mr. Grey penthouse where we can actually see some pieces of the Boca do Lobo furniture collection, which we expect to see more of once they unveil the secretive bedrooms. But will people indeed see it? The answer is: most definitely.Fifty Shades of Grey could be the sleeper hit of the year  Fifty Shades of Grey could be the sleeper hit of the year holding fifty shades of grey

With “Fifty Shades Of Grey less than two weeks away, the ticket sales have begun to rack up. According to Fandango the film is selling better than expected in more than a handful of states across the US. Among its top ten are Tennessee, where it’s selling over 1.5x its prior expectation, Iowa (1.7x) and Louisiana where it’s selling twice as good. As good as those numbers sound, their not nearly as great as in Arkansas and Mississippi, where advanced ticket sales have sold 2.8x and 3.9x higher than analysts previously anticipated, respectively.Fifty Shades of Grey could be the sleeper hit of the year  Fifty Shades of Grey could be the sleeper hit of the year fifty shades christian grey

Also worth noting is the fact that “Fifty Shades of Grey” has already sold out hundreds of showtimes during it’s debut Valentine’s Day weekend prompting a slew of new screenings to be added to meet demand. Not only that, tickets are selling so good that the erotic thriller recently took the top spot for fastest-selling R-rated film pre-sales in all of Fandango history. It can now boast higher advanced sales than Sex and the City 2The Hangover IIThe Hangover III and Gone Girl. It’s worth mentioning that all of these aforementioned films grossed $300+ million dollars, a number studio execs would most certainly be pleased to see from Fifty Shades. Here’s a full scene of the movie to entice your apetite even more.

What is the source for all of the hype and positive news of advanced ticket sales you ask? Well for one, the film is based off one of the most popular books to hit store shelves in recent years. It topped charts in the U.S. and UK, and has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, where it has been translated into over 50 languages. Secondly, the stylishly presentation for the theme at hand gives it a drawing quality able to attract all kinds of audiences, from thrill seekers to design freak it’s a one of a kind chance to get a glimpse of a luxuriously strange lifestyle of a man with taste. In Christian Grey’s penthouse you can find pieces of art from Jake ChapmanDinos ChapmanJohn Baldessari,Edward Ruscha, Michael Joo, Gary HumeGeorgie Hopton, Harland Miller and Rob Pruitt. Furniture from some of the most recognized luxury design teams in the world takes things into a whole other level, Portuguese brands Boca do Lobo, Delightfull and Brabbu are the glue that puts this world together.

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