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5 exquisite mother’s day gifts

by TurkCraf

You should give some gifts to your mother from time to time. You must take care of one of the most important persons of your life, and show her appreciation for everything she has been doing for you!

As you know, Mother’s day is coming and if you haven’t got that outstanding present that will make your mom super happy …this post is for you!

Giving presents is not the most important thing in this date, but everyone one (especially moms) loves to get a special treat! That’s why you must choose carefully that unique, rare and exquisite gift!

Boca do Lobo will present you a selection of 5 exquisite mother’s day gifts that will amaze you…and your mother (if you get them).

Remember! Your mother deserves the best!

Read on and see our suggestions for Mother’s day!

Mother’s day gift suggestion #1

Mark Cross bag – Scottie collection

“Inspired from a Vintage Mark Cross Top Handle Satchel and Updated with a Classic Mark Cross Brass Lock Closure. Studded Fine Italian Smooth Calf Leather exterior with Mark Cross Red Lamb Skin Lining. ” Made in Italy

Mark Cross bag – Scottie collection

Mother’s day gift suggestion #2

Michael Kors – Oversized Rose Golden Stainless Steel Lindley Three-Hand Glitz Watch

Michael Kors – Oversized Rose Golden Stainless Steel Lindley Three-Hand Glitz Watch

Mother’s day gift suggestion #3

Baron luxury safe by Boca do Lobo

“The steampunk safe’s small version is still an exceptional piece of haute craftsmanship perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury. With watch winders and cigar humidor, this steampunk safe was created to be the ideal place to keep the most exclusive jewelry and other unique pieces safe from the outside world while embodying the true essence of the new hyper-luxury trend.”

Baron luxury safe by Boca do Lobo

Mother’s day gift suggestion #4

Irene Neuwirth earrings –  Carved Pink Opal Flower Earrings

“One of a kind earrings with carved pink opal flowers rhodocrosite drops and diamond pave”

Irene Neuwirth earrings –  Carved Pink Opal Flower Earrings

Mother’s day gift suggestion #5

Gia Chandelier by Koket

“Imagine a gentile bouquet of flowers gracing your ceiling, the Gia chandelier consists of hand sculpted polished brass calla lilies tied by a simple string.”

Gia Chandelier by Koket

Which one of these exquisite gifts is your favorite? More important: which one would your mother love? They are all fantastic in our opinion, but tell us what you think!

We hope you have enjoyed our 5 gift suggestions for mother’s day!

Remember to take good care of your mother 🙂

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