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2015 Fitness Trends

by TurkCraf

As 2014 comes to an end, and 2015 begins, many people will (re-)add getting fit or improving fitness to their new year’s resolutions. With health and fitness becoming a big buzz, from healthier eating tendencies, to keeping a lean and strong body, there is no excuse to stay unfit. Moreover, technology is being embraced in ways never seen before by the fitness world, with the constant development of exciting new products and apps which really help users achieve their health and fitness goals.

The upcoming year is full of exciting trends which aim to motivate the public, from the home exerciser, to the avid gym rat. Continue reading to find out about the upcoming top fitness trends and ways to get your fitness game on lock. Happy sweating!

Bodyweight Training

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Body weight training has been climbing the ranks for top fitness trends over the past couple of years, and is really set to boom in 2015. It involves minimal equipment, most of which has been around for a long time, and reverts to exercise that were not long-ago considered to be “old-school” – planks, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and so on.

This type of training has becoming particularly attractive because it can be carried out just about anywhere, and it can be done for free. Gyms are incorporating body weight training “values” in their spaces, with workout spaces free from clutter and weight machines, adult-type jungle gyms, optimised for suspension training and even the incorporation of gymnastics, with the focus on primal movements.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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HIIT is the excruciating workout that involves short and high-intensity bursts of exercise, followed by a short rest period, taking typically just under half-an-hour to complete. It is incredibly popular and effective as it suited for nearly all levels of fitness, and as long as you go full-out, you’re sure to see results very quickly. HIIT can be carried out with all sorts of easily accessible equipment such as dumbbells and kettle bells, BOSU and medicine balls, and most importantly, body weight, making it a type of workout that is difficult to get bored with.

Strength Training

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Remaining popular in all sectors of the health and fitness industry, strength training is used among all sorts of people, from men and women of all ages, to certain health patients, all with the same goal: to maintain or improve strength. Incorporated into most gym exercise routines, but often practiced outside the gym too, strength training is known for benefiting fitness, memory and mood, as it releases endorphins and sends the body into a state of “natural high”.


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Recovering from an intense workout is just as important as the workout itself. It is essential to let muscles recover from the stress they’ve been subjected too, and to try and keep the body in balance as much as possible, keeping as many muscles working correctly. In order for a workout to be effective, it must be coupled with proper recovery, good sleep and plenty of healthy nutrients. This sees an increasing use of self myofascial release (SMR) exercises, resorting to foam rolling and therapy balls, core strengthening, as well as dynamic stretching.

Going Digital

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In a time where access to nearly all types of information is at out fingertips, never has it been easier to keep track of our health and fitness progress, with improved data measuring and personalised regimes (see: Telemetry). A great example of this phenomenon is the Nike Running and Nike Training apps, which are used by 9 million and 16 million women, respectively, from all over the world.

“They provide inspiration, guidance and coaching” Stefan Olander, VP Digital Sport at Nike

Moreover, the numerous amount of wearable devices and apps available which can provide smarter training programs, also have a heavy social focus, where users can easily share and acquire workout data, or even photographs. Technology and fitness are going hand-in-hand more than ever, and those who embrace the combination will surely see tremendous benefits.

Fitness Fashion and Other Trends

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With health and fitness becoming trendier than ever, gym clothes are becoming more and more acceptable as everyday clothes, with fitness fashion becoming a lot more colourful and stylish. People are resorting to the comfort and functionality provided by gym wear, and the latest cuts, patterns and colours are having a tremendously positive impact. Lastly, it also motivates people to workout and stay healthy when they know they’re looking the part, whether in the gym or on the street.

2015 is also seeing the increase in short workouts, much in the same way HIIT works, with people looking for smarter and more efficient workouts, for the little time they have available to invest in exercising. The great outdoors is also climbing the trend ladder, and when possible, fitness aficcionados are looking to spend their time in contact with nature, resorting to the natural elements found in a given space to carryout their workout.

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