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21 DIY Things to Make With Old Suitcases

by TurkCraf

There is always a traveler in each and every one of us. Hence, we are sure that we have suitcases or luggage where we put our clothes and other belongings during travel. But what if your suitcase is already old or maybe even broken and you can no longer use it on your travels? Well, we all know that we can always up cycle anything and everything. We all know that no matter how old a thing is, it can still be used in a totally different manner, making it useful once again. Today, what we are going to show you are a list of DIYs for old suitcases because you don’t have to throw them away or just dump them in a corner to accumulate dust. There are many new ways to use it and you will surely be happy to know that you can use your old luggage as a table, chair and many others. Let us take a look at the list below. diy luggages Vintage Suitcase Table Bar Made in a Day Want a bar in your house? Easy! Just use an old table and an old suitcase and you will get a totally unique home bar!. Luggage Coffee Table

DIY Network Beautiful, right? You will get that total rustic or industrial feel in your house if you add this one. Turn A Suitcase Into A No-Sew DIY Dog Bed Fair Field World Or if you need a dog bed, you can use an old suitcase. This one looks really cute with a travel themed design. DIY Project: Suitcase Vanity & Towel Holder Ashley Campbell A small suitcase can be a nice wall cabinet in your bathroom. Look at this shabby chic storage! Bedroom Bunk Cupcakes and Cashmere Or you can simply stack some luggage on top of each other and it can be a nice side table. Coffee Table Suitcase DIY Ruche Add some legs to your suitcase and it will be an instant table! Looking great, right? DIY a Suitcase Table in 3 Easy Steps
Good Housekeeping Another good way to recreate your luggage. It can be a good replacement to your storage bench. Pack Up Your Troubles Beyond the Picket Fence Or if you just want to use it for decoration, paint a part of it with chalkboard paint and write something on it. For this one, it was added at the entrance of the house. DIY Project: Ashley’s Vintage-Suitcase Coffee Table Design Sponge A larger suitcase could be used as a stunning coffee table. And yes, it is also great for storage as well. DIY Vintage Luggage Chair Home Story Or you can use that large suitcase as a chair! Just add cushions to it and four legs to turn it into a chair. Vintage Sewing Case A Place to Roost You can also use an old suitcase as storage for sewing items from fabrics to threads. Making an Entrance Red Hen Home Got many small suitcases? Attach them to the wall and turn it into instant wall shelves and wall storage. The Traveler
Artsy Vava This is such a cute pink luggage! Added around its edges is a rope to cover a gap. How Eduardo the Antique Trunk Became a Bookshelf
Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss A large trunk can also be a nice bookshelf or display shelf. Of course, you have to add the shelves on it. Hampton Beach House Design Sponge A smaller suitcase can be a nice charging station. Just add some lovely patterns inside it and use a peg board to hold the phones that you will charge. A Peek into My Craft Room Design Dazzle Love the shabby chic appeal of this craft room with a suitcase as a shelf for her cutter machine. Creating a Suitcase Dresser: A Tutorial On My Creative Side If you have many suitcases, you can use all of them to create a dresser. You can either use various patterns for the fabric of the suitcases or you can use one color for it. DIY Medicine Cabinet from a Vintage Suitcase Remodelaholic Another suitcase used as a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Looking good, right? Suitcase Picnic Table and Speaker System Carleyy Aside from being able to carry food and silverware in this suitcase, it also doubles as a speaker system and a picnic table. Vintage Suitcases Lively Grace One simple way to use the suitcase is just to put it on top of a wooden frame so it can be a table. Repurposed suitcase table
Home Talk An old table got a lovely revamp by adding the suitcase on top of it. I am sure that after seeing this list, you will no longer throw away your old luggage and suitcases. Things like this still have huge value when used in a different way. Primarily, it can be an amazing storage and second, it could be turned into useful furniture. And of course, you can just revamp its look so you can get a beautifully designed suitcase with prints and all!

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