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Designers and the books that inspire them

by TurkCraf

Today is World Book Day and we join the celebration by raising awareness for the amazing job done over at It’s Nice That. For over 8 years they’ve been championing creativity and since 2011 they’ve been inviting someone from the creative industries to share a rundown of their five favourite books in the “whole ruddy world”, which have inspired, excited or educated them. Some of their contributors include fashionista Charlie Porter, celebrity photographer Jamie-James Medina, illustrator Emiliano Ponzi, Antique Roadshow’s Marc Allum and legendary fashion photographer Matthew Donaldson. We’ve picked some of these choices to entice your apetite and open your eyes to the wonderful world of stranger’s bookshelves.

Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi and Les Sins shares his favourite booksHero  Designers and the books that inspire them Hero

Longtime fans of Toro Y Moi will already know Chaz Bundick to be a man with impeccable visual stylings, and a portfolio which stretches way beyond logos and album covers to include album launches turned art exhibitions, screen-printed posters and a heavy involvement with the concepts behind his music videos as well.

Legendary fashion photographer Matthew Donaldson shows us which books inspire himdonaldson  Designers and the books that inspire them donaldson

If you’ve been dying to know which publications inspire a fashion photographer as prolific as Matthew Donaldson then your prayers have been answered. He’s very kindly told us about five books from his rather beautiful shelves that have informed his work over the years.

The top five books of Dazed and Confused Editor, Isabella Burleydazed  Designers and the books that inspire them dazed

Want to know a surprising secret about self-proclaimed “book obsessive” and Dazed & Confusededitor Isabella Burley? She can’t stand big coffee-table-sized fashion books.

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New York’s finest bookstore KARMA share their fave titleskarma  Designers and the books that inspire them karma

Who better than to give us a well-curated selection of some of the finest books around than KARMA books, one of New York’s most well-respected art bookstores.

The top 5 reads of top artist and furniture maker, Anton Alvarezanton  Designers and the books that inspire them anton

If you haven’t yet seen Anton Alvare’s spectacular thread-wrapped furniture, you’re in for a treat. With the typical RCA-graduate mix of staggering intelligence and creativity in one go, Anton now spends his time constructing incredible furniture utilising machines that he designs and builds himself.

Print legend Anthony Burrill lets us delve into his intriguing book collection…burril  Designers and the books that inspire them burril

It’s hard to walk into a fairly creative building these days without stumbling across one of Anthony Burrill’s ubiquitous prints. His skill for the simple and beautiful print that speaks a thousand words through a handful is second to none, but what we’re dying to know is what are the books that have inspired his design greatness?


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